Some families inherit land, others inherit wisdom. His family inherited a curse…

A group of friends after viewing a short film on the legend of Rebecca decide to go see the site for themselves. Little do they know that the legend is based on some facts and things begin to go wrong.

This story is about Mike and his friends who decide to go visit Rebecca's grave site after they finished watching a short film about this legend. Once on the site, his friends learn that Mike's mother was found dead near the site by his father who is now in the mental hospital.

Once they reach the site, strange things begin to happen...

Rebecca's Grave Script

Known Facts

There is fact behind the legend. There was a Rebecca Lutes and the grave does indeed exist. It is along the Gorge Road across from the cement and culvert company site. It's directly on the side of the road surrounded by trees. The cement slabs can still be see, even though they are very weathered and covered in grass.

The local legend has several variations, but they all stem from the fact the grave site is covered in concrete and was fenced off. The remnant of the fence is still there but it looks more like the remains of a barbed fence now. There were once headstones as well, but both those are gone. Yes there more then one headstone at the site.

It is said in the legends that Rebecca was supposed to have been a witch because of psychic powers and had been hung from nearby trees, then buried face down and the concrete slab was put on later so she could not rise again, or be let out by others who might wish to dig her up.

The reporter Greg Perry's who in 1986 did a special Halloween report on this legend uncovered similar stories, including allegations she was a vampire, a witch, or a female evil incarnate who wreaked havoc in the Riverview area in the 1870s. There are tales of fires, freak accidents, strange lights in the woods, sacrilegious rituals, blood sacrifices, etc.

This local legend has existed for many years now and I decided to explore it further with a documentary. There you will find additional facts about Rebecca, was it real or simply a story made up to scare people. Why is it so popular? What are the stories that people say they have experienced at the site. These are some of the things we will explore and we hope you will enjoy the exploration of this local urban legend.

NOTE: Gorge Road is located in North Moncton, New Brunswick.